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Workforce Development & Support

“… a dialogue of thinking and doing through which I become more skillful.”
Donald A. Schön

Professional Reflective Practice

Regular coaching or supervision helps to ensure quality professional practice. Reflective practice supports staff such as health professionals, creating a safe space to reflect, learn and develop in their professional roles. The supervision sessions are enhanced by the use of some creative coaching tools.

We encourage staff to:

  • Describe their experience
  • Reflect on the thoughts, feelings and other factors influencing the situation
  • Evaluate and analyse the experience, thinking about behaviours or other factors that might have changed the outcome
  • Experiment with techniques and tools to change or reinforce the outcome
  • Develop self-awareness over time, increasing effectiveness in the workplace and in life
  • Set some individual professional goals

Workshop Supervision

Restore and Replenish can design and deliver collaborative training for your team with a number of experienced trainers and facilitators.
Our approach:

  • Facilitated activities
  • Presentation of background information by trainers
  • Lots of discussion
  • A variety of creative activities to ensure engagement of participants and desired outcomes


Restore and Replenish facilitates small group teams, enabling them to keep asking the questions that need to be asked and exploring new opportunities. With a collaborative focus, we use a number of interactive processes to help your team to reach satisfying outcomes.
We assist you to:

  • Understand group goals and objectives
  • Plan how to achieve them
  • Achieve consensus
  • Stimulate clear thinking
  • Encourage full participation and buy-in from the group

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